• 24 Hour Emergency Services
  • Fast Disaster Response Teams
  • Trained and Experienced
  • Advanced Water Removal, Drying & Inspection Equipment
  • We Work With Your Insurance Company

Looking for a Certified Water Damage Company?

When your insurance claim has been filed, we begin the procedure of getting rid of the water from your home or building. Our company make this appear simple, however there are particular steps needed before our local partners can start getting rid of the water using industrial grade hardware and well trained professionals. Our well trained pros utilize various different types of office grade tools to get rid of as well as extract the water from your house or office. The second step is to dry out these impacted areas in which different air movers and dry out devices is used. After this point, depending on how much damage there is as well as what caused the damage, you may have a need forfurther home improvement repairs to get your home back in order. Our local personnel in Hopewell, Virginia strives to supply you with the very best as well as quickest solutions possible. If you have an catastrophe day or night, our company are here around the clock as well as there is no extra fee for calls in the evenings or holidays. We provide cost-effective water damage repair solutions for both residential houses as well as business complexes.

All Properties

Action 1 Restoration is the name you should trust when it comes to property mitigation . With years of experience in the industry, we can handle both residential and commercial clean up projects. Our skilled team of professionals, equipped with some of the latest equipment available today, can get the job done quickly, effectively, and safely.

Equipment We Use

At A1R of Hopewell, we use only the best equipment for our clean up projects. From heavy-duty pumps that remove excess water from floors to disinfectants that remove microbial growth facilitated by water, we bring the total package to correct damages your property sustained by water. We have the necessary equipment, tools and training to help you with water or flood damage.

Trained Techs

A1R of Hopewell proudly has a roster of highly trained technicians, with each of them having a strong track record for excellent service. Not only do they have years of experience under their belt, but they are also constantly receiving training to keep their skills up to par with the best practices. That is how A1R of Hopewell stands out from other contractors in the city.

Quick Response

Responding to the needs of our clients in a timely manner is one of the ways A1R of Hopewell stands out from the competition. Not only are we available on a 24-hour basis, but we also see to it that we can attend to the needs of our potential clients at the soonest possible time. Our team has made it a point to respond quickly to our clients’ messages and phone calls, addressing their needs as quickly as possible.

Why Choose The A1R of Hopewell Team for Water Damage!

Our previous customers have told us that they appreciate our teams fast response times in Hopewell & we can help you as well. Arriving at your property or company promptly, turning off the water & starting the extraction process is important to reduce any secondary damage from the water.


Our Procedure For the Best Water Damage Mitigation

The Action 1 Restoration Hopewell professional team of contractors are qualified and known as a dependable local restoration company that will provide professional services for both commercial properties & residential houses. There is no single job that’s too big or too small; you are going to recognize that our professional team is professional as well as properly trained to handle your water damage mitigation. Our company tries to only partner with local companies that are IICRC certified and providing the highest standards of superior quality. One of our major goals is to make sure you are pleased with our expert services from the time that you call our staff members, all the way up to finishing the repairs of your residence or company.

Some Of The Action 1 Restoration Hopewell Clean up Assistance:

  • Fast Arrival Times
  • We Assist you with Your Claim
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Extraction of Water & Dryout Professional Services
  • We Offer Sewage Cleanups and Repairs
  • Disinfection And Odor Removal
  • Disinfection to Reduce Mold Chances
  • Flood Damage Solutions
  • Broken Water Line or Broken Water Heater Assistance


Common Causes:

  • Water pipes leaking or bursting
  • Toilet Failure Malfunction
  • Appliance Leaking Water
  • Flooding From Storms
  • Faucet Left Turned On
  • Roof Leaks
  • Air Conditioning Unit Leaking
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Why Choose The A1R of Hopewell Team for Water Damage!

Contact Action One Restoration of Hopewell to get a fast as well as affordable water damage company that has the experience & professionalism you need during this emergency water damage disaster. You can count on Action One Restoration of Hopewell to act fast and help minimize additional damages.

Why Using The Best Pros To Handle This Makes Sense

Our experienced and knowledgeable personnel at Action1Restoration of Hopewell is here to help you with any water damage disaster you may have. We try to save as much of the house as well as personal belongings as we possibly can and our local partners utilize industrial grade hardware to help us with this. We try to only work with companies that have the proper licensing & are IICRC certified pros. We are you from start to finish, from the time that you get in touch with to the time we’ve restored your property, our goal is your satisfaction.

Some Of The A1R of Hopewell Solutions:

  • 60 Minute Response Times
  • Claim Filing Done For You
  • 24 Hours a Day Services 7 Days a Week.
  • Extraction of Water and Dryout Solutions
  • Sewage Cleanup and Restoration
  • Disinfection & Odor Control
  • Preventative Assistance For Mold
  • Flood Damage Professional Services
  • Damaged Water Line or Malfunctioning Water Heater Services

Common Causes of Water Damage:

  • Burst or Shattered water pipes
  • Clogged Toilets
  • Appliance Malfunction
  • Storm Floods
  • Faucet Left Turned On
  • Roof Leaks
  • AC Unit Malfunction
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Our 6 Step Process to Restore Your Home

Step 1 Call Us Water Damage Process
Step 2 Turn Off Water Prep
Step 3 Water Removal Process
Step 4 Dry Out Process
Step 5 Clean and Disinfect
Step 6 Restore and Repair

See How We Are Different

Action 1 Restoration of Hopewell
Hopewell, VA

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See How We Are Different

Action 1 Restoration of Hopewell
Hopewell, VA

(877) 246-8788