The A1R Virginia Storm Damage Restoration Process

Emergency Storm Services Restoration Process

Virginia is known for monsoon rains. The stormy/monsoon season happens on the 15th of June until the 30th of September. This is typically when Virginian's know the storms to be the most destructive. Our local team is staffed and ready to help you through any and all damage your home or business sustains from monsoon damage in Virginia.

The exterior of the house is the first to feel the brunt of a storm. The roof usually suffers serious damage from the rain and strong winds, and the debris that they carry. Sometimes, hailstones also come with monsoon rains. The falling ice, that sometimes is the size of a baseball, hits the roof of your house and causes severe damage. What can you do when such disaster strikes your house?

When the house is ready to fall apart in the middle of the storm, you need to leave that house immediately. If you’re lucky, your house is still standing after the storm, but the real problem comes after the deluge.

Exterior Damage

Rain and hailstones will wreak havoc on the exterior of your house. The roof suffers a terrible beating. Ice and water hit it hard. What will you do when this situation happens? You can actually stay in the house and enjoy its protection. The real problem starts after the storm. We are here and available to help you with cleanup, repair and your insurance claim.

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Cleanup & Repair

Cleanup and repair after a storm is tedious and hazardous work. There is debris of broken glass from shattered windows. Loose power wires could be floating in the water. Removing flood water is cumbersome. You need all the hands that you can get. Action 1 Restoration of Virginia provides those hands.

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Tools & Equipment

There are different kinds of equipment for each task in the entire restoration process. Action 1 Restoration Virginia specialist uses the latest innovations in high-end equipment to complete the storm damage restoration process in the quickest way possible. Professional restoration specialists supervise the operation to guarantee protection and safety.

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Your Insurance Claim

You will need a lot of money for the cleanup and restoration process. You would want to get restoration services covered by your insurance. Action 1 Restoration Virginia accepts insurance coverage. We have insurance experts who will help you file a claim. There is no need to worry about funding for restoration.

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Why Choose The Action 1 Restoration Virginia Team For Storm Damage Assistance!

Our 5-Step Process

Action 1 Restoration of Virginia's specialists do the cleanup and repair process with a systematic process to help you get back o your feet fast. Listed below are the five steps of storm damage restoration.

  1. Assessing the Damage – Determining the degree of water damage on the property helps the restoration specialist to create an effective restoration plan.
  2. Remove the Standing Water – Flood covers most properties after a terrible storm. Therefore, water extraction is an indispensable task. Action 1 Restoration Virginia experts will use specialized tools and equipment to finish this task.
  3. Drying Out the Moisture - Drywall and other porous surfaces retain moisture. It causes further damage to the property. Over time, molds will develop in the affected area. The specialist will dry out these surfaces using high-speed air movers.
  4. Cleanup and Disinfection - It is important to sanitize the interior of the property after a terrible storm. This keeps molds and bacteria from growing in your home. Molds and bacteria bring a foul smell to the property. Deodorizing helps remove the stench.
  5. Repair and Restoration – The last step is to rebuild and repair the damage. Action 1 Restoration Virginia's team of specialist will work hard to restore your home or office as close to its original beauty as possible.

Having your house in the path of a really destructive monsoon storm is truly devastating. Cleanup and repair are tedious and risky. There are hidden hazards lying around. Expert services are highly appreciated.

Restoration services can be quite expensive. After losing almost all of your tangible assets, you would be yearning for the benefit of insurance claims. Fortunately, Action 1 Restoration of Virginia accepts insurance coverage. We even have insurance specialists that will help file the insurance claim on your behalf.

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