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Commercial & Residential Fast Mold Services

Action 1 Restoration of Franconia is among the best companies for restoring both residential and commercial properties from mold challenges. Our local team has the experience, gear, tools and experts that can help you with your business or home. We understand the unique demands both projects impose, so we make sure that we get the job done in the most efficient way possible. We perform all of the necessary work to return your property to top condition. Our commitment to providing the finest service can be seen in our strong and proven track record. Get in touch with A1R of Franconia today for immediate assistance.

Home & Business

Mold can ruin the value of your home or place of business besides causing a wide range of health problems for those exposed to spores. If you notice mold in your home or place of business, the best thing to do is reach out to mold removal experts. They will be able to remove mold colonies and find solutions to prevent mold from growing back and causing more damages.

Special Equipment

We are able to eliminate mold colonies thanks to our specialized equipment and techniques. We will start by diagnosing the problem and will then determine the best technique to get rid of the mold infestation for good. We can also address humidity problems with filters and dehumidifiers to prevent a new infestation.

Expert Solutions

Possessing the right training is essential to finishing projects like mold removal. Our team are the best in the business and are equipped to take care of many complex matters in removing mold infestations in the home or business. From the first assessment of the state of the property to the repair of its damages, our team gets the job done right.

24 Hour Services

When you see that there is any mold or mildew around, you need to take action immediately to eliminate it. If you cannot remove it yourself, hire the experts who can in the shortest time possible. We understand how you feel. When you get our help to mitigate mold, we get to work fast. Our staff has the training needed to get rid of all mold as soon as they are contracted to do the work.

Why Choose A1R of Franconia for Mold Services!

Action1Restoration of Franconia has dedicated itself to ensuring homes and businesses in the Franconia have a company they are able to call when a mold remediation emergency occurs. We have teams available on the night shift to be available in case someone is in need of emergency services. We do our best to come to your place and fix the problem even in the late hours of the night.


We offer the following emergency mold services:

  • Estimate and assess damage – Especially for water and fire damage. They can both result in mold contamination in the future.
  • Elimination of the sources of water: If you’re not totally sure where the water is in fact coming from, contact us so we can help you both identify the source and then fix the problem.
  • Remove any dead mold – There are still potential hazards for your health and property when there is dead mold present. Affected areas need to be quickly cleansed and disinfected.
  • The containing of any infected areas: If you really just would like to know how much an problem has spread, we offer specialized services where a team will do an inspection of your home before informing you of the scope of the problem. Once the inspection is done, they’ll treat the impacted area in order to prevent the mold from spreading any further.
  • Inventory your damaged property – It is often hard to identify the amount of damage that has been inflicted on your belongings and property. Our team can identify the damaged aspects of your home and possessions.
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Why Choose A1R of Franconia for Mold Services!

During your emergencies we offer to respond promptly. Asbestos and mold can prove to be rather serious, so it’s crucial that we work quickly to see to your safety. In many cases you will need to get the mold inspected and tested and we have resources for you to do just that.

Emergency services we include:

  • Assess and estimate damage
  • Eliminate source of moisture
  • Getting affected areas contained
  • Remove dead mold
  • Inventory and dispose household goods and personal possessions that have been infected
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Our 6 Step Process to Restore Your Home

Step 1 Call Us Mold Remediation Process
Step 2 Inspection Process
Step 3 Testing the Mold
Step 4 Containment & Removal
Step 5 Prevention
Step 6 Verification and Restoration

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Action 1 Restoration of Franconia

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See How We Are Different

Action 1 Restoration of Franconia

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