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Commercial & Residential Fast Mold Services

Dealing with a mold problem should only be handled by IICRC trained experts that understand the process for remediation and removal. When it comes to experience, Action1Restoration of Fairfax is among the industry leaders in the Fairfax area. Our local office is trained to deal with mold and as a leader we know what it takes to remove the mold issue and restore your home safely and effectively. Our staff is well trained in dealing with mold growth, and we use a time-tested process that is guaranteed to remove molds both visible and invisible. If you want the best mold removal service your money can buy, you cannot go wrong with us here at Action 1 Restoration in Fairfax. You will need to get the mold tested and then we offer free estimates and emergency services! To learn more about the mold removal services that our company provides, give us a call now.

Home & Business

If you are worried about the way that mold infestations might be impacting both your family and your business, you should quickly call us to resolve the issue. Avoiding loss in profits, damage to your families health, and any number of other complications is important. Here at Fairfax based Action1Restoration, we believe that they health of your family and business is the most important task we have.

Equipment We Use

When you need your issues taken care of as quickly as can possibly be, A1R is the team to call in Fairfax. Our staff use only the best air movers, dehumidifiers, and water extractors. The professionals on our team are also required to always be looking across the market for the latest and greatest mold tools for both inspection and remediation purposes.

Trained Technicians

Our specialists know exactly how to approach the problem. They have the know-how necessary to make a reliable assessment of your property for mold-related damage. They have an extensive knowledge of the different types of mold and they are able to use such knowledge to determine what equipment and procedures will work best for you. We place a high value on ongoing training and certifications that our team members need to have.

Quick Response

You are free to contact us at anytime. We understand it finding mold on your property can be stressful. Let us perform mold remediation services, that way you can relax. We’ll perform a thorough inspection and assessment to make sure we know the extent of the damage. After that, we’ll develop a strategy to remove the mold and repair the damage, as well as take action to prevent further issues later down the road.

Why Choose A1R of Fairfax for Mold Services!

We guarantee that we will respond promptly to your emergency. Asbestos and mold can prove to be rather serious, so it’s crucial that we work quickly to see to your safety. Most of the time the mold will need to be inspected and tested and our team as the resources needed in order to do that for you.


We offer the following emergency services:

  • Damage assessments and estimates
  • Moisture source removal
  • Containment of the affected area
  • Eliminate dead mold
  • Inventory and removal of infected personal possessions and household goods
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Why Choose A1R of Fairfax for Mold Services!

Action 1 Restoration of Fairfax has dedicated itself to ensuring homes and businesses in the Fairfax have a company they are able to call when a mold remediation emergency occurs. We partner with companies that help us day or night to make sure we have staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help with mold emergencies. We do our best to come to your place and fix the problem even in the late hours of the night.

The affordable mold services we offer include the following:

  • Assessment and estimate of damages – This is especially true for flood damage and fire damage. Both can lead to future mold problem.
  • Eliminate the moisture source – In case you are not sure where the water is getting in, give us a call so that we can assist you in locating the source and fixing the problem.
  • Eliminate dead mold – If there is still dead mold in the area it can still be hazardous to your health as well as your property. It is absolutely essential that the affected areas be cleaned and disinfected immediately.
  • Contain further mold spread in infected areas – To learn how large the mold contamination is, our specialized team can come out to house to conduct an inspection so that we can tell you how severe your mold contamination is. After the inspection is conducted, the area will be treated to prevent further mold spread.
  • An inventory of all affected possessions: It might prove rather hard to know just how much damage might have been done to your possessions and property. We’ll help you figure out what portions of your Fairfax home are damaged as well as which possessions are affected.
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Our 6 Step Process to Restore Your Home

Step 1 Call Us Mold Remediation Process
Step 2 Inspection Process
Step 3 Testing the Mold
Step 4 Containment & Removal
Step 5 Prevention
Step 6 Verification and Restoration

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Action 1 Restoration of Fairfax

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See How We Are Different

Action 1 Restoration of Fairfax

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