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Commercial & Residential Fast Mold Services

When it comes to mold you want to hire a company that has experience in dealing with mold troubles. When it comes to experience, A1R of Charlottesville is among the industry leaders in the Charlottesville area. As one of the Charlottesville most widely used property restoration companies, we understand precisely what it takes to restore your property to top condition. Our staff members are highly trained in mold complications and uses a 6 step process for removing both visible as well as invisible mold. To get one of the best mold cleanup companies in Charlottesville, get in touch with Action 1 Restoration today and see why our company has been voted as a top company to do business with. The initial mold test normally has a fee to get the mold inspected and tested, after that we can provide a free remediation estimate and in some cases reimburse the inspection fees. Give us a call today to learn more about the mold removal services we provide!

Home & Business

Reach out to us when you need help, whether you’re comfortably at home or busy at work. A1R serves the Charlottesville market with both residential and commercial mold removal answers. We’ll meet your individual situation with customized solutions. Our team of experts bring you mold removal solutions that are suited to what you need.

Our Equipment

We use only industrial-grade equipment for all our jobs. This is so we can finish quickly and efficiently without affecting your every day life too much. We also make sure that the equipment and chemicals we will use will not pose health risks. You can talk to our representatives to learn what equipment we are using before we start the prcoess.

Highly Trained

Rest assure that our team knows how to take care of the problem. They understand how to properly assess properties for mold damage. They know about various types of mold and they use their knowledge to determine what procedures and equipment should be used to get the best result possible. Our team members receive ongoing training and receive certifications in order to stay up to date with what’s happening within the mold removal industry.

Fast Response

When you discover the presence of mold and mildew, you have to take immediate steps to get rid of it. If you cannot do it yourself, hire people who can – and do it at the soonest possible time. We know how people feel. When you seek our assistance for mold mitigation, we get to work right away. Our pros are trained to start alleviating mold growth as soon as they are contracted to do so.

Why Choose A1R of Charlottesville for Mold Services!

Our services are standing by to help you out any time of day or night. Most people are not prepared for an emergency, and when one occurs they aren’t sure what to do. Our 24/7 services and staff are always ready and available to help you. Whenever you give us a call, be sure to give our receptionist any important details like the type of problem you are faced with and the extent of damage that has been caused already by the contamination. This is to help us identify the right tools to bring when we come to your property. Your problem deserves and likely needs immediate resolution.

When we have the correct information we can achieve this faster.

Some of the emergency services that we offer include:

      • Assessment of damage and price estimate
      • The containment of any affected areas
      • Elimination of moisture and flood
      • Removal of dead mold
      • Inventories of affected possessions – household goods and properties
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Why Choose A1R of Charlottesville for Mold Services!

When large amounts of mold area discovered it can seem like an emergency. Although it can be difficult to gauge the amount of mold that is in the attic or behind walls, it needs to be removed and remediated immediately, particularly if it happens to be black mold. Part of a ceiling or the whole thing can give way suddenly, for example, to reveal a major mold infestation. When black mold is present, because of the toxicity of the type of mold this is, this would be considered and emergency. You should not attempt to clean up something like this yourself unless you have received mold remediation training. Improper training and care might create more problems in the future. Our team is standing by 24/7 to handle all mold emergencies. Our trained teams respond to disasters fast.

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Our 6 Step Process to Restore Your Home

Step 1 Call Us Mold Remediation Process
Step 2 Inspection Process
Step 3 Testing the Mold
Step 4 Containment & Removal
Step 5 Prevention
Step 6 Verification and Restoration

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See How We Are Different

Action 1 Restoration of Charlottesville

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